Sagrada Familia to Pay City of Barcelona $41 Million
Architectural Record
Web page, November 26, 2018

La Bôite a Miracles
Theoretical essay on builidng skin, exteriority and interiority
Nicolás Mauri and Quique Zarza, editors, The Power of Skin: New Materiality in Contemporary Architectural Design, Arcadia Mediática, Compaq, Arkrit (Escuela TécnicaSuperior de Arquitectura, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid), 2018, pages 225 - 240 (In Spanish and English)

Circle in the Square
Petra, The Stone Atelier, Valencia, by Fran Silvestre
Architectural Record, Interiors issue, September 2018, pages 92 - 95

Interview with Iñaki Alday
Speech 20, 2/2018 (July 2018), oages 246 - 261

Koper und Seele / Body and Soul
Sports Pavilion, University of Francisco de Vitoria, Madrid
By Alberto Campo Baeza
db - deutsche bauzeitung, April 2018, pages 24 - 31; cover.

The Project versus the Plan
Olympic Village Master Plan, Barcelona, 1992
By Oriol Bohigas/MBM
Speech 19, 1/2018 (January), pages 148 - 161

Solid and Void
Fran Silvestre Arquitectos. Escenarios para la vida. 2005 - 2017
TC Cuadernos, General de Ediciones de Arquitectura, Valencia, 2017, pages 4 - 10

Plastic Spaceship
Plasencia Congress Center by José Selgas and Lucia Cano of SelgasCano
Bauwelt 23.2017, November 17, 2017, pages 28 - 37, cover

Catalonian Catalyst
Massana School for the Arts and Design, Barcelona, by Carme Pinós
Architectural Record, November 2017, pages 80 - 85

The Medium is the Message
Plasencia Congress Center by José Selgas and Lucia Cano of SelgasCano
architektur.aktuell 452, November 2017, pages 58 - 71, cover

Cloud Nine
Enigma Restaurant, Barcelona
By RCR Arquitectes and Pau Llimona
Architectural Record, Record Interiors
September 2017, pages 64 - 69; cover

In Search of Place
CaixaForum Sevilla by Guillermo Vázquez Consuegra
architektur.aktuell 449, July - August 2017, pages 66 - 77

Extraterrestrial Encounter (Title in print edition)
SelgasCano's Surreal Auditorium in Western Spain (Web tite)
Plasencia Congress Center
Architectural Record, August 2017, pages 64 - 66

Spain: Looking Back 25 Years
Reflection on the anniversary of the 1992 Barcelona Olympics and Seville Expo
Architectural Record, August 2017, pages 43 - 44

Restaurieren am Nullpunkt
"Restoration Degree Zero"
Consolidation of the Convent of Santa María de los Reyes, Sevilla, by José Morales and Sara de Giles of MGM
Bauwelt 17.2017, July 14, 2017, pages 40 - 45

Neu in.... Lissabon (P)
MAAT Museum, Lisbon by Amanda Levete
db - deutsche bauzeitung, June 2017, p. 73

Norman Foster Innagurates Foundation in Madrid
Architectural Record, July 2017, pages 29 - 30
Webpage, June 2, 2017

Case Study in Prefab
Cyclopean House, Brookline, Massachusetts
By Débora Mesa and Antón García Abril and of Ensamble Studio
Mark, April - May 2017, p. 152 - 159.

North and South
Introduction to issue on Barozzi Veiga Architects
A +U, February 2017

Kuntshalle for the MAAT Museum, Lisbon
By AL_A (Amanda Levete)
architektur.aktuell 443, January - February 2017, page 84 - 93.

Dust-up in Granada over Building Plans for the Alhanmbra
Design of Atrio Visitors' Center by Álvaro Siza and Juan Domingo Santos to be revised
Architectural Record web page, January 6, 2017

Foster + Partners' Winning Proposal for Prado Museum Annex
Architectural Record, Web Page, December 6, 2016

Mágen Architects
Architectural Record, Design Vanguard
December 2016, page 46 - 47

Piroutte on the Plaza
Torrent Market, Valencia, by Guillermo Vázquez Consuegra
architektur.aktuell 441, December 2016, pages 72 - 83; cover

Anything You Want
Toboggan House, Madrid by Rafael Beneytez of Z4Z4 Architects
Mark #64, October - November 2016, pages 112 - 119.

Concepts: Barrozi - Veiga
Gaggenau New Spaces
Spring 2016, pages 14 - 21

Saving the Furniture
Introductory essay
Begoña Díaz-Urgorri, Camen Moreno & Juan Domingo Santos, Co-Directors
Catalog, XIII Bienal Española de Arquitecutra y Urbanismo 2016
Fundación Arquia, Barcelona, 2016, pages 26 - 31

Los limites de la expresión / The Limits of Expression
Summary of debate
Teresa Couceiro, Director, Tercer congreso nacional de arquitectura: Pioneros de la arquitectura moderna española: Critica de una obra, Fundación Alejandro de la Sota, Madrid, 2016, pages 186 - 189

The Unraveling
Porto Cruise Ship Terminal by Luis Pedro Alves
Frank Lloyd Wright Quarterly
Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, Scottsdale, Arizona
Spring 2016, unpaged (2 pages)

Inner Sanctum
House in Seville, by Harald Schönegger and Inmaculada González
Architectural Record, Record Houses, April 2016, pages 98 - 103

High Water Mark
Porto Cruise Ship Terminal by Luis Pedro Alves
Architectural Record, March 2015, pages 74 - 79

A Stitch in Time
Museo Novecento, Florence by Avatar Studio
Architectural Record, February 2016, pages 74 - 79

A Natural Color Palette and Man-Made Minimalism
Indoor Swimming Pool and Gymnasium, Constantina (Sevilla) by Fernando Suárez Corchette
Speech 15 (January 2016), pages 104 - 115