David Cohn is a North American critic of architecture specializing in Spain. He has been based in Madrid since 1986. He holds a Master of Architecture degree from Columbia University (1979) and a Bachelor of Arts from Yale University (1976). He is International Correspondent in Madrid for Architectural Record (USA), and collaborates regularly with a number of international journals and Spanish newspapers. He has published over 780 articles and 15 books, including  “Young Spanish Architects” (2000) and essays for monographs on Francisco Mangado, Fernando Menis, Mansilla + Tuñón, Fraile + Revillo and Manuel Gallego, among others. In 2002 he received a Research Grant from the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts, and in 2006 he gave the Keynote Address at the Museum of Modern Art in New York for the exhibition "Spain Builds".His upcoming book, "Modern Architectures in History: Spain", is edited by Reaktion Books, London.

Nacido en Boston, Massachusetts in 1954, y titulado por las universidades de Columbia (Master of Architecture, 1979) y Yale (Bachelor of Arts, 1976), David Cohn ha trabajado como crítico de arquitectura en España desde 1986. Es Corresponsal Internacional de Architectural Record (Nueva York) y colaborador habitual de numerosas revistas internacioales y periodicos españoles. Es autor del libro Young Spanish Architects (Birkhauser, 2000), y ensayos monográficos sobre Francisco Mangado, Fernando Menis, Mansilla + Tuñón, Fraile + Revillo, Manuel Gallego y otros. En 2002 el Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts le ortorgo una beca de investigación, y en 2006 fue invitado, junto con Rafael Moneo, a ofrecer el "Keynote Address" para la exposición "Spain Builds" en el Museo de Arte Moderno de Nueva York. Su próximo libro, Modern Architectures in History: Spain, se edita por Reaktion Books, Londres.

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