Unpublished Critical Essays

Moderno pero no contemporáneo
Critique of expanded Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), New York.

The New Face of Civil Authority
Benidorm City Hall , by José Luis Camarasa and AMP, Valencia.
Commissioned by Papeles de Arquitectura, Alicante, 2004, not

On the Edge of Silence
Analysis of the Law School Building of the University of Girona by RCR Architects.
February 18, 2002

Rules of Engagement
Analyzes the impact of post-structuralism on contemporary art.
October 1, 1998.

Ten Sketches on Architectural Drawing
Written for the magazine Abreojos, edited by Antón Patiño, 1994.

After Functionalism.
The consequences of Post Modernism in contemporary architecture.
December 1993.

The Perfectionist
Reflection on the quest for visual perfection in interior design
1991, revised, 1993.

City of Earth
A Potrait of Old Madrid, Summer 1989
1987 - 1998

Building Blocks: Frank Lloyd Wright and the Order of the Machine
Wright's relation to the development of ornamental brick and terra cotta.
Commissioned by Oppositions before the magazine ceased publication.  Dated April, 1983.  Revised for submission to the Journal of Architectural Historians, January 1986.

40 Views of New York
1979 -1980

Symbols of the Sacred in the History of Architecture
Boullée and the sublime of Burke; Mackintosh and the symbolic forms of Lethaby; Asplund and the Freudian subconscious.
Written for courses led by Anthony Vidler and Stephen Wrede, Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture and Planning, February 25, 1979.

An Introduction to the Role of Tradition in the Music of George Rochberg
Analyzes tonal components in Rochberg's serial music of the 1950s and 60s that anticipate his return to tonality in compositions of the 1970s.
History, the Arts and Letters Senior Essay, Robert Moore, Advisor, Yale College, April 15, 1976.  Awarded Brunner Music Prize, 1976.