Selected Articles 2013

Héctor Fernández López Architects
Architectural Record, Design Vanguard
December 2013, pages 76 - 79, cover

Grupo Aranea
Architectural Record, Design Vanguard
December 2013, pages 90 -. 93

Arquitecto sin fronteras
Bjarke Ingels, Architect of the year
Gentleman, December 2013, page 24

Fuera de casa
Emerging Spanish Offices in Europe
Arquitectura Viva 155, September 2013, pages 7 - 15, cover.

Midas Touch
Relojería Alemana, Puerto Adriano, Mallorca
By OHLab Architects, Madrid (Jaime Oliver & Paloma Hernaiz)
Architectural Record, Record Interiors
September 2013, pages 94 - 99, cover

El nuevo organicismo
The New Organicism
Works by Nieto & Sobejano and others
El País, Saturday, July 27, 2013, Babelia, page 15

Minimalismo al máximo
Donald Judd loft, 101 Spring Street, NY
El País, Friday July 5, 2013, Section El Viajero, Number 766, page 12

No Ideas but in Things
Interview with Enrique Sobejano and Fuensanta Nieto
Speech 11 (July 2013)

Circulos de luz / Circles of Light
Enrique Encabo & Inmaculada E. Maluenda, Editors
Hosptial Rey Juan Carlos, Móstoles
Rafael de La-Hoz, Architect
Q! Estudio, 2013, pages 36 - 41
AR House 2013 Joint Winner
Casa Lude, Spain by Grupo Aranea
The Architectural Review
Vol. CCXXXIII, No. 1397, July 2013, pages 30 - 37

Social Network
Torre Julia Senior Housing, Barcelona
By Ricard Galiana, Sergi Pons and Pau Vidal
Architectural Record, July 2013

Retour B l'organique
Andalusian Space for Contemporary Creation, Córdoba
By Fuensanta Nieto and Enrique Sobejano
Archi Créé 361-362 (Paris)
June-July-August 2013, pages 168 - 175

Urban Oasis
Renaisance Barcelona Fira Hotel
By Jean Nouvel
Architectural Record, June 2013, pages 242 - 244

'The way to confront the complexity of things is to resolve it simply'
Interview with Alberto Veiga of Estudio Barozzi Veiga,.Barcelona
The Architectural Review
Vol. CCXXXIII, No. 1395, May 2013, pages 76- 79

Climbing the Wall
El Greco Congress Center, Toledo Spain, by Rafael Moneo
Architectural Record, May 2013, pages 88 - 93.

Grosse Fassaden
Andalusian Space for Contemporary Creation, Córdoba
By Fuensanta Nieto and Enrique Sobejano
Bauwelt 14.13, April 12, 2013, pages 16 - 25, cover

Problemfall Palencia:
Wie aus: einem Gefängnis kein Kultuzrentrum wurde
'Problem in Palencia: The Prison That Didn't Become a Cultural Center'
Cultural and Civic Center, Palencia, Spain by Exit Architects
Bauwelt 13.13, April 5, 2013, pages 14 - 19, cover

De vuelta a la casa de Adán
Adam's House in Paradise Revisited
Introduction to issue "Local Material".
Reviews projects by Kuma, Li Xiadong, Zumthor,
Benítez, TYIN, Bangkok PC, Robbrecht Daem, RCR
Arquitectura Viva 151, April 2013, pages 7 - 13, cover

The Box Stripped Bare
Atrium House, Godella, Valencia, by Fran Silvestre
Architectural Record, Record Houses, April 2013, pages 84 - 89

Cegados por la arquitectura mediática
("Blinded by Mediatic Architecture")
El País, Saturday, March 9, 2013, Babelia, page 15

Concrete Arabesque
Andalusian Space for Contemporary Creation, Córdoba
By Fuensanta Nieto and Enrique Sobejano
The Architectural Review, March 2013, pages 62 - 73

The Royal Treatment
Rey Juan Carlos Hospital, by Rafael de La-Hoz Architects
Architectural Record, March 2013, pages 131 - 135

Preservationists Fight to Save a Model of Resort Design in Canary Islands
Maspalomas Oasis Hotel by Corrales and Vázquez Molezún
Architectural Record web page, January 25, 2013

Antón García-Abril:
"Queremos repensar tipologías arquitectónicas"
El País, Saturday, January 5, 2012, Cultural Supplement Babelia, page 15.

Making Gravity Irrelevant
Interview with Antón García-Abril
Speech 10, January 2013, pages 208 - 228