Selected Articles 2011

The Language of Bronze
Archaeology Museum of Álava, Vitoria, Spain, by Francisco Mangado
Speech, 08/2011, December 2011, pages 80 - 91

Design Vanguard: Iñaqui Carnicero Architecture
Architectural Record, December 2011, pages 60 - 63.

La casa nostra
Eduaro Souto de Moura. Annual listing Ladies & Gentlemen of the year.
Gentleman, December 2011, page 22

The Death of the Icon
Pundit piece on the effect of current crisis on Spanish architecture
The Architectural Review, Vol. CCXXX, No. 1377, November 2011, page 30.

Visionario y Progmático
Review of show on Jean Prouvé at the Ivory Press in Madrid.
El País, Saturday, October 29, 2011, Babelia, Number 1040, page 21.

Double Entendre
Mérida Youth Factory by SelgasCano and Perimeter Building, Temple of Diana, Mérida by José María Sánchez García.
The Architectural Review, Vol. CCXXX, No. 1376, October 2011, pages 62 - 71.

El urbanismo de vanguardia contraataca
"Avant-garde Urbanism Counter-attacks"
High School in Rafal, Alicante by Grupo Aranea.
El País, Saturday, September 3, 2011, Babelia, Number 1032, page 18.

The Public Face of Privacy
Carabanchel 17 Public Housing, Ensanche de Carabanchel, Madrid, by Amann, Cánovas + Maruri, Architects.
Oris (Zagreb, Croatia), No. 69, Year XIII, July 2011, pages 54 -61.

Archaeology Museum of Álava
Mangado and Associates, Vitoria, Spain
Architectural Record, July 2011, pages 46 - 53, cover.

El lado zen de Madariaga
Vacation houses in Sotogrande, Spain by Valentín de Madaraiga.
Fuera de Serie, No. 331, Expansión, May 20, 2011, pages 26 - 28.

House in Leiria
Aires Mateus & Associates, Lisbon
Architectural Record: Record Houses, April 1, 2011
Pages 74 - 79, cover.

Why Souto de Moura Won the Pritzker
Architectural Record, June 2011, page 34;
Web page news, March 29, 2011.

©  Roland Halbe
Back to Nature
Trufa House, Costa da Morte, Spain by Antón García-Abril
architektur.aktuell 372, March 2011, pages 52 - 61.

Beyond Transparency
Infant Childcare Center, El Chaparral (Granada) by Alejandro Muñoz Miranda.
Speech 06/2010, December 2010, pages 106 - 117.

Like the bright plumage of a bird
Color in Spanish architecture.
Speech 06/2010, December 2010, pages 208 - 226.

El mejor Nouvel
Projects in Abu Dhabi, Quatar, Paris, etc.
Gentleman 83, March 2011, pages 32 -38.

Bodegas: Los Nuevos Santuarios
Spanish wineries by RCR, Paredes + Pedroso, Madridejos + Sancho, Moneo, Foster and Rogers.
Arquitectura y Diseño, Barcelona, February 2011, pages 72 - 82.

Image: Paredes + Pedrosa, Bodegas Real. © Roland Halbe.

Das Glasscheibenspiel
Nursery Daycare Center, El Chapparel, Granada, by Alejandro Muñoz Miranda.
Bauwelt 5.11, January 28, 2011, pages 12 - 17.

Wie ein Faustschlag auf den Tisch
Challenging the Status Quo
High School, Rafal, Alicante, by Grupo Aranea.
Bauwelt 3.11, January 2011, page 20-29.

Can a work of architecture constitute, in itself, a critical project? Can it change the way its users see their habitat, and awaken them to their supposed errors of vision and method? Can it take a stand in aesthetic and moral judgment of its surroundings, and propose a counter-model for a more environmentally and humanly sensitive method of development?