Selected articles 2010

Iván Juárez & Patricia Meneses
Design Vanguard 2010.
Architectural Record, December 2010, pages 64-65.

Las normas de Norman
Portrait of Norman Foster – "Gentlemen del Año" 2010.
Gentleman 80, December 2010, page 26

El arquitecto nómada
Introduction to John Pawson interview
Genleman 79, November 2010, pages 68 - 72.

Photo © Pedro Pegenaute
Minimalismo al servicio de la hípica
Ultzama Equestrian Center by Francisco Mangado.
Fuera de Serie, No. 304, Expansión, October 29, 2010m pages 18 -21.

A Decades-Old Project Finally Gets Built
Latvian Library, Riga, by Gunnar Birkerts.
Architectural Record, October 2010, page 30.
Web page news section, October 18, 2010

Crusch Alba Loft. Gus Wüstemann, Barcelona
Record Interiors Feature Project.
Architectural Record, September, 2010. Cover

Vallecas será pop
Public housing in the district of Vallecas, Madrid by various studios.
El País, Saturday, August 21, 2010, Babelia, Number 978, pages 18-19.
Paredes Pino Architects, housing in Vallecas. Photo:: David Cohn

The Panoramic Eye
Llotja Theatre and Convention Center, Lleida, Spain by Mecanoo Architects, Delft.
architektur.aktuell 364, July 2010, pages 98 - 110.

Thermodynamic Aesthetics 101: The Formal Dimensions of Controlled Energy Exchange
Interview with Iñaki Ábalos.
Speech 05/2010, June 2010, pages 210 - 227.
Text in Russian and English.

© Manuel G. Vicente
The Greenhouse Effect
College of Architects of Galicia, Vigo, by Jesús Irisarri and Guadalupe Piñera.
Speech 05/2010, June 2010, pages 98 - 108.
Text in Russian and English.

Photo © Aleix Bagué
Stepping out on the Avenue
Mediapro Tower, Barcelona by Carlos Ferrater, OAB.
architektur.aktuell 362, May 2010, pages 102 - 113.

Photo © Roland Halbe
Wider den postmodernen Städtebau
Against Post Modern Urbanism
Public Housing for the Empresa Municipal de Vivienda y Suelo de Madrid, Vallecas, Madrid, by Estudio Entresitio.
Bauwelt 15.10, April 16, 2010, pages 26 - 31.

Plattentektonik / Plate Tectonics
BTEK Technology Center, Derio, Vizkaia, by ACXT Architects, Bilbao (Gonzalo Carro, Project Architect).
architektur.aktuell 361, April 2010. pages 66 - 75.

Iconos reticentes: los proyectos que vienen
The Reluctant Icon
Review of 12 museum projects worldwide.
Spanish and English text.
AV Monografías 139, pages 24 - 33.

Like their proposal for the IVAM of Valencia and the New Museum in New York, the project is a Zen exercise in absent presences, as if the volumes containing the museum had been erased from the site instead of inserted into it.
--Louvre in Lens, France by Sejima & Nishizawa

Balance Positivo
Overview of a decade of architecture; introduces section on the magazine's 10th anniversary.
Arquitectura y Diseño (Barcelona), April 2010, pages 216 - 217.

In the Rough
Museum Can Framis, Barcelona, by Jordi Badia.
architektur.aktuell 358 - 359, January - February 2010, pages 76 - 89.

The building ... offers a curious variation on [Barcelona's] preoccupation with urban form, as it preserves, as if in amber, a vestige of Barcelona's highly unplanned industrial past, set incongruously in the heart of the city's biggest new planning area, the District 22@, where it is surrounded by large new commercial projects by the likes of David Chipperfield, Dominique Perrault, Enric Ruiz-Geli and others

Luz del mar, luz del desierto
Museum of Islamic Art, Qatar, by I. M. Pei.
Gentleman 70, January 2010, pag