Selected Articles 2005

Tenerife, actividad volcánica
AMP's Magma Arts and Congresses, other works.
El País, Friday, December 23, 2005, Babelia (Cultural Supplement), Number 735, page 20.

Masse und Ebene
Juan Alcorta Winery, Logroño, by Ignacio Quemada
Beton + Fertigteil Jarhbuch 2006, Bauverlag BV GmbH, Gütersloh (Hamburg), Germany, 2005, pages 54 -55

Die Kraft des Steins / The Power of Stone
Magma Arts and Congresses Center, Adeje, Tenerife, by Artengo, Menis & Pastrana.
Architekture Aktuel, December 2005, pages 50 - 61.

Madrid Barajas Airport
Building Types Study.
Architectural Record, October 2005, pages 150 - 157.

Escenarios para el arte
New museums.
Gentleman 23, October 2005, pages 62 - 68

La vivienda pública, en vanguardia
Public housing in Madrid.
Fuera de Serie, Expansión, September 2005, pages 22 -24.

Overnight Sensation
Hotel Puerta América, Madrid.
Architectural Record, September 2005, pages 96- 103.

The stand-out is Hadid's enfolding landscape of continuous polished curves in solid surface acrylic finishes and a choice of total-immersion white, black or crimson...   There are all-black rooms, sleek and tough (Nouvel talked about finding the line between the hotel's motto, "liberté", and libertinage); all-white rooms --some cozy, others cool ("a high-class chemotherapy clinic," sniffed one Italian journalist about Foster's rooms)--...

Murtierter öffentlicher Wohnungsbau
"Mutant Public Housing on the Rampage". Public housing in Madrid.
db - deutsche bauzeitung, September 2005, pages 22 - 23.

The Mirador captures the spirit of this moment perfectly, with its red-painted exterior stairs scaling its walls like climbing ivy, with its differentiated blocks, characterized by different apartment layouts, openings, and finishes, piled up over one another with the random precision of a Mondrian painting, and its looming profile, which violates all the norms of urban design that make these new districts so boring, turning the reigning typology of the 1980's Rob Krier patio-block on its side and opening the patio 40 meters above the ground....

New in... ...Porto (P)
Casa da Música
Rem Koolhass, OMA
db - deutsche bauzeitung, August 2005, page 18.

Photo © Duccio Malagamba

Rem Koolhaas/OMA challenges old notions of what a concert hall should be in the sculptural Casa da Musica in Porto, Portugal
Architectural Record, July 2005, pages 100 - 111.

El Presidente en su laberinto
Presidency of Galicia, Santiago de Compostela, by Manuel Gallego.
El País, Saturday, June 11, 2005, Babelia, Number 707, page 21.

New in... ...León (E)
Museum für zeitgenössiche Kunst: MUSAC
Mansilla + Tuñón
db - deutsche bauzeitung, May 2005, page 12.

Claros en el bosque
Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh by Miralles - Tagliabue EMBT.
Fuera de Serie 7, Expansión, April 2005, pages 22 -23.

Objetivo: 2012
Madrid's proposal for the 2012 Olympics,
Fuera de Serie, Expansión, April 2005, pages 48 -50.

Modernism's Reign in Spain
Cover feature. Contributing editor for section.
Architectural Record, March 2005, pages 62 - 115.
    Includes the following contributions:

Why does Spain Love Architecture So Much?
Architectural Record, March 2005, pages 75 - 77.

Manuel Gallego, Presidential Compound of Galicia, Santiago de Compostela.
Architectural Record, March 2005, pages 84 - 85.

"I thought of [the project] not as representing an aloof power, like a palace, but how to make the people who come here feel represented, so that you enter something that seems familiar, where you feel among your people, your language, your place."
--Manuel Gallego

Eduardo de Miguel, Teatro El Musical, Valencia.
Architectural Record, March 2005, pages 86 - 91.

De Miguel brings the sharp detailing, sensual use of materials and elegant, rhetoric-free forms of his Pamplona training to the theater's festive program, in which indoor and outdoor public spaces mix in the benign Mediterranean climate.

Photo © Luis Asín

Mansilla + Tuñón, MUSAC Museum, León.
Architectural Record, March 2005, pages 108 - 115.

It's like a weave, but it can be cut at any point without losing its character. Any arrangement is equivalent or possible."
--Emilio Tuñón, speaking about the plan

La marca "España"
Spanish architects working abroad.
Arquitectura Viva 98, 2004, pages 32 - 35.

Batallas en las Colinas
"Battles in the Hills": Review of projects in Galicia: City of Culture (Eisenman), University of Vigo (Miralles Tagliabue), Presidency, Santiago, and Castro de Elviña, La Coruña (Manuel Gallego).
Obradoiro 31, College of Architects of Galciia, March 2005, pages 8 -13.

The recorrido in this sense is not a stately promenade but rather the product of a dynamic tension between different points of the project. This tension is internalized in each viewer, becoming a psychic tension of curiosity and seduction that is resolved through our own displacement through the work. In this dynamic cycle, we first locate and frame a view in our gaze and then proceed to occupy it, finding in turn our point of origin converted into another view, in an exchange of seeing and being seen that resembles a courtship ritual. In fact, it is impossible to separate this exchange from our endless fascination, in any setting where people gather, for gazing and being seen.

Variationen über die Schuhschachtel
"Variations on the Shoebox": Concert Hall, Medina del Campo; Music School, Santiago de Compostela, by Antón García Abril.
Bauwelt 8/05, February 18, 2005, pages 12 - 19; lead story.

Notas sobre el Parlamento de Escocia
Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh, by Miralles & Tabliabue of EMBT.
Pasajes # 86, Madrid, February 2005, page 34.

Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh
By Enric Miralles and Benedetta Tagliabue (EMBT)
Architectural Record, February 2005, pages 98 - 111, cover.

Much of the special quality of the Chamber is due to Miralles' characteristic design method, in which he systematically separates and superimposes different tasks into different components. In the roof trusses, for example, he separately defines the glue-lam oak compression members from the stainless steel tension rods, and then weaves them together in an elaborate three-dimensional chorus of elements. The effect of this complexity, mixed with natural light from several directions, is to create what Tagliabue calls a "visual vibration", a pointilistic visual field composed of scintillating repetitions and variations of visual elements.

Young designers plan memorial to Madrid bombing victims
FAM Estudio, Madrid.
Architectural Record, February 2005, page 34.

Vollendung und Neuinterpretation
Barcelona Forum Urban Plan.
db - deutsche bauzeitung, January 2005, pages 28 - 33.

La Mirada Indiscreta
Glass houses by Mies, Johnson, Neutra, Koenig, Meier, Sobek y Ban.
Gentleman, January 2005, pages 80 - 85.

Vivir en una casa de cristal es algo parecido a poseer un coche de edición limitada. Los dos son símbolos inequívocos del poder de la tecnología y del espíritu de la modernidad. Los dos definen un estilo de vida aventurero, una voluntad de sacar lo máximo de cada experiencia. Y los dos tienen sus pequeñas inconveniencias a cambio, sus propias personalidades a veces un poco obstinadas, sus defectos e incomodidades. Caros de adquirir y molestos de mantener, son para gente lo suficientemente romántica o rica para dejarse seducir, pase lo que pase. Y luego se quedan en la memoria como la fragancia de un amor perdido.

Madrid plan would show off a modern city and ambitious designs
Madrid Olympic plans for 2012.
Architectural Record, January 2005, page 44.

Photos by DC unless noted