Selected Articles 2004

The Eight or Nine Dimensions of the Work of EMBT
World Architecture, School of Architecture, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, December 2004, pages 16 - 19.

Design Vanguard: Ánton García-Abril
Architectural Record, December 2004, pages 164 - 169.

Ein eng Geknüpftes Netzwerk
Architektur --eine Arte Leitkultur im posfrankischen Spanien
Architectural cultural organizations in Spain.
Deutsches Architektenblatt (DAB), Berlin, December 2004, pages 12 - 13.

La bella durmiente: La nueva terminal de Barajas
By Richard Rogers Partnership and Estudio Lamela, Madrid.
Fuera de Serie, Expansión, November 25, 2004, pages 36 - 39.

Playing clean-lined Minimalism against a picturesque array of ageing structures, Gluckman Mayner creates the Museo Picasso Málaga
Architectural Record, October 2004, pages 132 -139.

Buildings type study: Maternity and Pediatrics Hospital, Madrid
By Rafael Moneo.
Architectural Record, October 2004, pages 156 - 161.

Espacio punto zero
Borrego, Ignacio; Nestór Monenegro; Lina Toro, curators, Maria Fraile / Javier Revillo, Fundación COAM, Madrid, 2004, unpaged. Catalog for first exhibition of Monospacios.

Fiebre de altura
Recent skyscraper projects worldwide.
Fuera de Serie, Expansión, September 17, 2004, pages 16 - 18.

Restaurar el pasado
Restore the Past. Restaurant Les Cols by RCR; Pousada of Santa Maria, by Eduardo Souto Moura; Zuasti Golf Club, by Francisco Mangado; La Casa del Aldán, by Alfonso Penela.
Gentleman, September 2004, pages 38 - 43.

Masse und Ebene
"Mass and Plane." Juan Alcorta Winery, LogroZo, Spain, by Ignacio Quemada.
DBZ - Deustche Bauzeitschrift, August 2004, pages 52 - 57.

Madrid's cultural axis seeing splendid improvements
News summary: Thyssen, Reina Sofía, Prado, CaixaForum Madrid, Siza.
Architectural Record, August 2004, page 28.

Magma Diagonal
Barcelona Forum.
Arquitectura Viva 94 - 95, 1-4 2004, pages 40 - 43; English, page 195; cover.

Jugendzentrum bei Valencia: Architektur, sozialer Raum
Alfredo Payá, Youth Center in Quart de Poblet, Valencia.
db - deutsche bauzeitung, July 2004, pages 32 - 37.

Hadid's vision extending near Bilbao
EuskoTren project, Durango.
Architectural Record, July 2004, page 34.
Posted on Record webpage, May 28, 2004.

Correspondent's File: Barcelona
"A new event, the Universal Forum of Cultures, helps Barcelona transform an ailing district."
Architectural Record, June 2004, pages 109 - 114.

Las Arquerias, Madrid
Lecture hall, Documentation Center, Ministry of Development; Jesús Aparicio, Héctor Fernández Elorza, Architects.
Bauwelt 21/04. May 28, 2004, pages 34 - 37, cover.

The bombings in Madrid
From the field
Architectural Record webpage, posted April 12, 2004.    

Los ocho magníficos
Profiles of Hadid, Piano, Moneo, Gehry, Calatrava, Herzog, Koolhaas,+ Siza.
Gentleman, April 2004, pages 48 - 54.

Santiago Calatrava's Auditorium in Tenerife:
Excesses and Enthusiasms
Critical review.
In the Cause of Architecture
Architectural Record webpage ,
posted February 2004.

Regional Archive and Library in Madrid
Mansilla + Tuñón.
Architectural Record, February 2004, pages 110 - 115.

Santiago Calatrava. Tirunfar en América
Gentleman, February 2004, pages 12 - 13.

Ayuntamiento de Benidorm. Das Stadthaus einer Ferienmetropole
Benidorm City Hall, by José Luis Camarrasa, Alicante, and AMP Asociados, Valencia.
Bauwelt 4/04, January 23, 2004, pages 24 - 29.

Ricardo Flores and Eva Prats craft stone and wood elements in converting a windmill to the Mills Museum of the Balearic Islands
Architectural Record, January 2004, pages 130 - 133.