Selected Articles 2002

Building Types Study:
Oliva - Remolà Studio. Terrasa, Spain
Architectural Record, December 2002, pages 144- 147.

L’impronta del fuoco
The Mark of Fire
Presidency, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, by Artengo Menis Pastrana (AMP).
Casabella 706 - 707, December 2002, pages 116 - 121; 178 (English).

Über der Sporthalle
Estudio School, Madrid, by Jerónimo Junqueras and Liliana Obal.
Bauwelt 45, November 29, 2002, pages 26 - 31.

Baumschlager + Eberle transformed a nondescript office building from the 1970s into a sleek corporate home for Munich Re is filled with art
Architectural Record, October 2002, pages 140 - 149.

NYC Mayor to triple housing for homeless
Bloomberg unveils plan to house almost 10,000 families a year
World Architecture 110, October 2002, page 12.

Studio Cero 9 powers up for bioclimatic office
MADE - ENDESA headquarters competition, Medina del Campo.
World Architecture 110, October 2002, page 14.

Betonskulptur: Kapelle in Valleacerón
Private chapel by Sol Madridejos and Juan Carlos Sancho.
db - deutsche bauzeitung, September 2002, pages 51 - 55, cover.

Lisbon Mayor plans historic rescue
Centre-right politician seeks private investors and new laws to finance revival of "collapsing" city centre
World Architecture 109, September 2002, page 12.

Barcelona firms sweep Iberian awards
FAD Awards 2002.
World Architecture 109, September 2002, page 12.

Vitoria picks Baldeweg's Theater in a Park
Auditorium competition winner by Juan Navarro.
World Architecture 109, September 2002,  page 14.

Between earth and sky. A mortuary under water creates an otherworldly realm for mourning
Mortuary, León, Spain, by Jordí Badía.
Architectural Record, July 2002, pages 92 - 97.

Photo © Hisao Suzuki
Eyes to the sea. Burial Niches on a hillside create a poetic landscape above the coast of Gailicia
Fisterra Cemetery, Fisterra, Galicia, by César Portela.
Architectural Record, July 2002, pages 108 - 111, cover.

Library re-opens Catalan wounds
Work stops on Barcelona project as archeological survey uncovers destroyed 18th century city
Born Market Library conversion by Enric Sbria and Ramón Cáceres.
World Architecture 107, June 2002, page 10.

Photo © Roland Halbe
A complex and tragic history informs Wandel Hoefer Lorch + Hirsh’s poetic design for the new Dresden Synagogue
Architectural Record, June 2002, pages 102 - 107.

Barcelona architect Carlos Ferrater deftly casts concrete into pure, crisp, brilliant white forms at his Catalunya Congress Center
Architectural Record, June 2002, pages 114 - 119.

Roma futura
Projects by Hadid, Fuksas, Piano, Meier and others.
la casa marie claire 148, June 2002, page 34

Luz sólida
Caja General de Ahorros de Granada and two houses
by Alberto Campo Baeza.
la casa marie claire 147, May 2002, page 36.

Ärztehaus in Pamplona
San Juan Medical Clinic by Francisco Mangado.
Bauwelt 14, April 12, 2002, pages 26 - 29.

Weekends in the Country
Quinta Santo Ovidio, Douro Region, Portugal, by Álvaro Siza.
World Architecture 105, April 2002, pages 26 - 33 & cover.

Madrid's Prado Museum hails Siza
Team led by Siza win competition for Paseo del Prado reforms.
World Architecture 105, April 2002, page 8.

B & B al desnudo
B & B Italia Furniture Showroom, London, by John Pawson.
la casa marie claire 146, April 2002, page 38.

Cuando B&B Italia, uno de los buques insignias del diseño italiano, decidió abrir su propia tienda en Londres, elijó un arquitecto local para piIotar la obra, el reconocido minimalista John Pawson. Su selección fue una manera ideal de navegar las distancias entre el buen gusto inglés, que tiende hacía una aspereza rústica y protestante, con olor a jabón Lagarto y cepillo duro, y la sensualidad refinada y lujosa del mejor diseño italiano....

Great Outdoors
Tagomago House, Ibiza, by Carlos Ferrater.
World Architecture 104, March 2002, pages 36 - 42.

Bio edificios
Ken Yeang's bio-climatic skyscrapers.
la casa marie claire 145, March 2002, page 22.

Herzog and de Meuron sculpt public spaces in two projects
Laban Dance Institute, London and Forum Building Auditorium, Barcelona.
Architectural Record, February 2002, page 32.

Ricardo Bofill hotel sails into view
Nova Bocana Master Plan, Barcelona.
World Architecture 103, February 2002, page 14.

Alicante: Café-Bar Noray
By Javier García-Solera.
Bauwelt 1-2, Jauary 11, 2002, page 2.